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White Alright

You can never go wrong with white. Although I am a huge fan of color, the absence of it is just so much easier sometimes. Who even says you need color to stand out?  My default is going with white, cream, ivory or something of the sort. Early this week, I took some time to re-organize my closet and color coordinate my entire wardrobe by color family. Neon and brights on one end, muted and soft tones on the other. I'd say it looks much better. much. Having all of my whites in one place is perfect. 

Here are some awesomely adorable things in the wonderful color of white

Delicate & Dainty

Jamie Lee | pagesixxx | in white Karen Walker Dress

Polar Bear
Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere | in Zara Coat

Ivory Girl

Kelli Murray | blog | in Free People dress

Bright White

BLEACHBLACK BLOG | Kristin in Reincarnated Gap Stripe Button Up 

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