She's So Unusual

"Your TRUE COLORS are beautiful like a Rainbow"



Watermelon & Lime

It's official, I have relocated. Goodbye San Diego and HELLO Los Angeles! As opportunities arise, it was important for me to make the right move for the right position and I can say I definitely made the right choice. Although I will no longer be living in America's Finest City, weekend trips down the 405 will occur regularly. Los Angeles may have my body, but San Diego will always have my heart. 

My new job has plenty of perks, one being the fact that my love for food is shared by one of my co-workers who is the foodie phene behind TruckFood411. Tonight I was invited out to join him and his family for a food truck adventure to Northridge Din-Din A Go Go. Not only did I experience the most juicy and buttery Lobster Sandwich compliments of The Lobsta Truck, but I also finished with a watermelon+lime snowball from Breezy Freeze.  

Let's just say, life in LA is off to a very good (and delicious) start! 


The Standard | Bachelorette Weekend

From Barbies, to boys; from play dates, to real dates; from camping, to concerts; from dress-up, to make-up; from girl scouts, to Girls Night Out; there is just something special about being friends since preschool. My dearest childhood friend Melanie is tying the knot September 9th and I could not be more excited for her! We spent a marvelous weekend sun bathing, eating sushi,  dirty dancing, and sipping champagne poolside at The Standard in Los Angeles to celebrate her new life as a wife to be. Did I mention, I love champagne? 


Katy Perry Party

You make me feel like I'm living a Teenage Dream, but I'll only be your California Girl if you let me see your Peacock. I know It's Not Like The Movies, but you're so Extraterrestrial you make me feel like every night is Friday. T.G.I.F. 

We sipped juice, without the gin; decked out in wigs and munched on colorful candy starbursts as we headed out to see Mrs. Katy Perry in concert in San Diego on Tuesday. 
 The Katy Perry Crew.

 Teenage Dream! 

Circle The Drain
 California Gurls