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Today's Treasures


Thanks Sherry Lou for showing me some awesome San Diego hot spots including Whatever in La Mesa and the Lemon Grove Am Vets (that is where I picked up the baby blue pumps!) 

I highly recommend Whatever, a cute & quaint store where you can find adorable new and even used finds! I bought a vintage 80's black & white dress, and two other steals for under $30. Now, that is a deal! Am Vets on the other hand was great, aside from the fact that there were a few items that were definitely over priced...and for AM Vets? But I did pick up the blue pumps for a super sweet deal of $6, cannot really beat that! After our thrifty afternoon, Sherry's mom made the most delicious burgers for dinner that had mushrooms, ahhhmazing! Expect a blog post about my attempt at recreating mushroom burgers of my own :)


  1. i LOVE everything you got!! <3 <3 yesterday was super fun. I can't wait for this weekend! hopefully my stuffy sick nose goes away TOMORROW. haha.

  2. @Jazzy E--Thank you!

    @Sherry, I am super excited about putting up Sherry Lou's Designs up on! :D