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"Your TRUE COLORS are beautiful like a Rainbow"



Art Meets Fashion

Thursday April 28th was the Fashion Show launch of the Art Meets Fashion Exhibit series that kicked off at the San Diego International Airport. This collaboration is a fusion between two renowned networking organizations in San Diego: FOCUS & AMF. FOCUS, aka Fashion Opportunities Connect US is spearheaded by Felena Hansen, entrepreneur and marketeer and Art Meets Fashion (AMF) is led by Patricia Frisher. The two have been working together for past two years to create a showcase highlighting the talents of both groups titled "Opportunities to Inspire". For the project, each team is composed of a designer, artist, educator in competing to create a design for the runway as well as to be placed on display. It was truly an amazing to see each detailed piece make its way down the runway. 


Easter Brunch

Because I love breakfast and lunch equally the same, putting them together is my ultimate favorite. My Easter Sunday was spent at home with mimosas, strawberry cupcakes, a pastel pallet of eggs, Denver Potato pie, buttery croissants and a plate of strawberries & kiwis. But aside from all my favorites on the table, were my favorites sitting around the table. Being at home often always reminds me that my life is often fixated on the things that don't really matter, and that it's really important to stop and breathe every so often. Sunday was definitely a breath of fresh air. I absolutely loved being able to spend some time at home with my family and it was nice to have Bree's roommate join us as well. 

These are the ones Sarah and I made:  strawberry cups with cream cheese + real strawberry frosting & sprinkled in pastels. mmm. [Side note: I really like cupcakes, check out what's new at Cups La Jolla on a post I wrote for the DiscoverSD blog]

What's Easter without the eggs?

Our family Easter tradition is putting on an egg hunt for our  dog, Lizzie. By hiding scooby snacks in plastic eggs all over the backyard, she sniffs her way and always finds them all.  


944::The Music Issue

I definitely have a soft spot for music. Up until a college, being a musician was a part of my identity. My childhood was spent in song and behind the microphone: from the hours of private voice lessons, the talent shows, trying out for America's Most Talented Kid, the musicals, my six years in choir--and that is just to name a few. I appreciate musicians and especially those who are making a name for themselves.

Monday night San Diego's 944 Magazine hosted a launch party for this month's Music Issue at AnalogLupe Fiasco is this month’s cover boy and he opens up to writer Ryan Cosby about his recent displeasure having to do with the recent tabloid news that his relationship with his record label has gone sour. You’ll also find highlights on San Diego bands to know if you don’t (check out: Family Wagon, Dirty Gold and The Burning of Rome) as well as snapshots of San Diego music lovers, top local music blogs and a look inside the indie dance scene.

It was fabulous being surrounded by the locals that are rocking the San Diego music scene. Here are a few shots from the night, take a look at the rest of the evening’s events here.  

With live performance by Family Wagon. 


PS. We Made This...

Thread was such a success! Hundreds of locals sipped, snacked and shopped independent design and everyone I talked to was having a fabulous time. For the DIY Lounge, we started off with threaded bracelets. Take a peak at some of the awesome color combos!

 Pictured: Kristen & Diane Thomas
A glimpse of the DJ booth, a snap shot of the blogger style off (please note the absolutely adorable teal jumper!) & of the Killer Styling booth 

DIY NEON Straw Earrings 

 A special thanks to all of the lovely ladies of Thread Show + Elle Communications for inviting me to host the DIY Lounge and   inspiring me to get even more crafty! Also, thank you to everyone who stopped by the lounge! For more DIY tips, ideas and how-to's, check out PS. I made this, with a claim to re imagine, reuse & reinvent fashion.  


DIY @ THREAD This Sunday

Tomorrow the THREAD Show is kicking off its first showcase of the season in San Diego! Not only will there be dozens of local designers, artists and fashionistas, but Thread is back and bringing in 2011 even better now that they have added a blogger style off, man cave, and a do-it-yourself lounge. This Sunday, I am excited to announce that I will be instructing the DIY Lounge where shoppers will get the opportunity to create a unique piece of their own! Stay tuned for some re-cap photos as I will be blogging from Horton Plaza tomorrow. 

Get your fashion and shopping fix all in one place and support the creative folks who are transforming indie design as we know it. So stop in, shop, drink and get THREADed this Sunday!