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YELP + Palmdale = Black Expedition

I realize that this may come as a shock, but today was the first day I used YELP! to find a place to eat. I have only heard really good things about the website and decided to give it a try especially because I am not too sure what was good in Palmdale.

The Plan: To meet up with Maria at Shogun--the restaurant I found on Yelp and enjoy amazing sushi that all the yelpers raved about.

The Reality: That the directions YELP decided to give me never got me or Maria to the sushi place. In fact, I was driving around in circles, ended up in a shady neighborhood, got followed by a black Expedition driven by a drug dealer that Maria rescued me from!!! Thank god for that! It was quite an afternoon! Maria and I stopped at Tom's #27 and I ordered the artery cloggin' special: Pastrami with Mustard and pickles while Maria got the BLT (both were delish!) Then we spent some time at SUPER TARGET.

The Moral: Never use Yelp again.

Being, well, us!

Taking sanitary precautions while at Super Target! You never know who might have the SWINE FLU! ha ha


What goes around comes around?

2009 has changed the way I think about a lot of things. This year has really only led me to believe that hardly anyone in this world is nice....

We're all just naughty SOBs.

I suppose Christmas is not always going to bring everyone holiday cheer, realistically--Christmas as we know it is a time of year that the human world is divided into two categories: naughty and nice. But we all know that there are PLENTY of naughty people who get a shit ton of gifts and those who have been good their entire lives who never really get anything.

I have come to the conclusion that Christmas is nothing but a consumer driven, capitalistic and semi-religiously affiliated hoax that has the ability to convince people that "giving is getting" but really--"buying is giving".

As for me, I am always on the naughty list--I am the QUEEN BITCH!
Initial Step 2006-Santa's Naughty List
Julie and I before our performance



Photo: Holocaust Memorial--Berlin, Germany

Words. Spoken and unspoken words.

I have been thinking often of the power of words. Words can be comforting when used in a conversation with someone you have not spoken to in a long time, but what about words that go unspoken--words avoided, topics undiscussed, stories ignored. But they are all just words right?

What about the words we speak using our hands, eyes, and the rest of our bodies. The words that are unspoken using language but expressed using feeling and emotion. Its true that when some words are put together can be powerful enough to fester a spectacle of emotions tied to memories.

I've come to realize that sometimes even the right words are the wrong ones. And sometimes when you have nothing to say with words, that might be the best time to use them.

I am no longer going to hide behind the meaning of words, rather I will exercise their power--for words are more powerful than you may think.



Just a recap of Friday and Saturday's events
Mel's Grad Party in Long Beach


Melanie's Ball Python that I might be babysitting while she is in Singapore!

Night in LB for Mel's Graduation Party

Baby Peyton @ work for the
Holiday Party

It's good to be home.

Peyton's first Vet visit

VSC Holiday Party

Thai FOOD with Aakriti and Paola


Gotta love Christmas Time!

Meet Peyton Juno Janes!

Christmas comes but once a year and this year it came early! Andrew and I picked Peyton up on Thursday night at the Burbank Airport. The only Midwesterner I formally know came all the way from Missouri :)

Yesterday--Friday--Andrew and I took Peyton in for her first Vet visit! She did well, but got a little scared and had an accident on the receptionist counter. Vet said she is in good shape and is well behaved for a 4 month old! She came to the Valley Syn com Circuits Christmas Party and was a huge hit, she got so much attention from everyone. Who wouldn't love that face?


Corporate Rose

Today I am going to be working on launching a blog for my Mom's handmade designs.

A new twist on recycling Vintage ties is the "Corporate Rose" handmade and carefully crafted by Sharon McNally-Mobley. Also available for custom order, if you have a special tie or someone special to give one to--these roses make a classy accessory!

More photos to come! I also will be posting about some awesome Italian Guacamole that I made the other day--a few surprising ingredients can really make all the difference!


Fresh Ink


Andrew's Sleeve in Pictures

I am going to eventually print these out and create a picture book for when Andrew's sleeve is officially done, here are a few shots.

.the beginning.

Sal also tattoos for Lil Wayne

Me, just hanging out--no new tattoos for me... yet!

.up to date.

a little bit of swelling at the wrist




Who's holding up traffic?


New Beginnings

I am going to start blogging about the two of my favorite things...FOOD and FASHION .
For me, food is so much more fun to experiment with! I love adding un expected ingredients and a little of my favorite spices to come up with variations of my favorite classics as well as come up with new recipes!

I also love fashion.
well, clothes mostly.

But I view fashion very much the way I view food: an experiment.
I love to mix and match vintage pieces with handmade ones. Much of the reason I thought I would blog about my love for both food and fashion is my involvement with my campus Fashion Magazine.

So here is to a new beginning--see food and fashion through my eyes.