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Garage Pop & What Not

Monty Montgomery // High Octane 

It's always sunny in San Diego and yesterday was no exception. Especially when you find yourself on the eighth story over looking the downtown skyline at 2 in the afternoon. This is where I met up with San Diego artist Monty Montgomery at his Studio in East Village, to chat about his work as an artist and graphic designer. I met Monty while he was showcasing his art and painting live at the Thread Show this past November. I had assumed he would have been a San Diego native, maybe an inner-city hipster because of the bright colors, energy and cartoon feel of his work, but I've learned that this small-town Virginian is a San Diego transplant and was raised in woodsy Louisa: population 12,000. 

I wanted to start with the beginning, so I asked him to begin with his life as a kid in the country. I find out that Monty spent much of his childhood in the woods, building forts with his brother and drawing at the kitchen table. "My mom recently told me that she always knew I was going to be doing what I'm doing right now since I was two years old, being an artist". But even though he was raised in the country-side, the meaning behind the colors and shapes of his work are very reflective of Montgomery's childhood. He shares with me that the bright stars that appear in a few of his pieces are the memories he had with his grandfather learning about the constellations as they would watch the night sky. What else inspires Monty's work--numbers, traveling, and "Even the lady in line at the grocery store can be the reason [behind inspiration]". When it comes to a starting a new piece, Montgomery carries around a mole skin to jot down ideas and even sketch something while he is away from his art desk at home. 

 Sneak Peak of some of the photos I took of Monty's Art Space!

His work was proclaimed by a fellow artist and friend of his as "Garage Pop"--edgy, energetic and all the while clean, modern  and bold. As for advice for other artists, Montgomery insists that opening your eyes and taking the time to listen to others is what has helped him to discover the most about himself and his work. This is advice I would not normally expect, but after  thinking about it, I can totally relate to life being about listening. Tuning into the world around you and learning to coexist and understand that we really are in constant transition and will forever be moving from one stage of ourselves to another. 

The full article will be debuting soon on the Proxart website! 

For more on Monty Montgomery, visit his website and online gallery here

The Magic of Blogging

What I love about fashion in the 21st century is that trends and style are mediated and discovered through social networks and communicated through online websites more than ever before. What I can especially appreciate is the convenience of receiving daily email updates from my favorite fashy sites like Refinery29 and LookBook that allow me to discover the risks others who enjoy the art of fashion are willing to take.  

What I also love about fashion, social networking and the internet is the manifestation of the new-age "Trade Show". Today's trade show is much more innovative because thanks to online social networking, more of these designers and fashion-lovers are connecting in the virtual space and transforming the way we see, interact with and discover what we like and what know about fashion. 

This past Fall I got the opportunity to work for Thread, a multi-city indie fashion, design and shopping event that showcases local designers and artists. For just 5 bucks, the ultimate shopping experience awaits you (did I mention there is also a complimentary style and make-up lounge and Thread has sponsors like Smirnoff and Popchips?!...which means free vodka samples!)   

During the month of December, I also took a trip up to Los Angeles with a good friend of mine and checked out the Renegade Craft Fair and Unique LA. Both shows were quite different from one another, but every vendor that I talked with had nothing but  positive feedback on their sales as well as how easy it was to participate in the show. Almost all of the clothing designers also had Etsy sites as well or some sort of "online shop". These Trade Shows truly allow guests to experience fashion much different than your typical day at the mall because who needs generic when you can buy something hand-made or one-of-a-kind? 

But perhaps the mother of all Trade Shows is WWDMAGIC, or better yet: the best 3 days in Vegas that I definitely want to spend! Taking place February 13-16th, WWDMAGIC, presented by the MAGIC Marketplace and in collaboration with Women’s Wear Daily brings together the best assortment of apparel and accessories brands from established to new, progressive to contemporary and everything in between. With over 1300 vendors, how could I miss it?

FashionablyMarketing.Me, has recently set out to give away a chance to attend WWDMAGIC and is looking for bloggers to join as supporting correspondents. For a chance to enter, I had to answer the following questions about myself and my blog:

Q: How did you start your blog? What was the creative inspiration behind putting yourself out to the world?
A: My blog began as a way for me to write about my two favorites--food and fashion, but has manifested into much more than that.  While I was an undergraduate in college, I studied and researched the development of online communities and the technological communication shift due to social networking and media. My blog  is now a way for me to document bits and pieces of my life in a virtual medium and still remains to be representative of my life at its current state. 

Q: From where you began to where you are now as an independent writer, what are three valuable things you’ve learned about your craft?
A: 1. Own what you say: Don't be afraid of the internet, but also be true to yourself.  Although the content of my blog has transitioned, the purpose is still the same. I am the person I write for
2. Pictures are worth a thousand words: Sometimes I opt to post photos rather than choose to write. I enjoy sites with  pictures on them and I wanted my blog to be more than just words and thoughts, but also be aesthetically pleasing!  Writing & blogging even compelled me to invest in a new camera, one that takes much better pictures and even panoramas! 
2. Bloggers love other bloggers: I cannot emphasis this enough! When I first started, I assumed that blogging was something that was done exclusively online, but as soon as I started talking to people about PopRocks&Peacoats, I have been able to connect with and write about some of the coolest people, places and things! 
Q: What is your personal style?
A: Thrifty and eclectic. I'm always finding myself rummaging through my moms old clothes and choosing to hit up Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill for vintage and unique finds. I also love to mix and match clothing and styles from different decades. I find influence in just about everything, but my style is very reflective of my life at that moment in time. Some days its sequins and sparkles and other days its slacks and solids.

Q: What brands are you head over heels in love with?
A: 1. Betsey Johnson
2. BB Dakota
3. Sherry Lou

Q: What are three of your favorite websites?
A: 1. Post Secret--I'm still on the look out for my postcard to show up!
2. LookBook--What better way to be inspired than by those around me? 
3. Proxart--The up and coming art and culture organization with a mission to spread the word and work of those living in the suburbs. Also run by some pretty awesome folks I went to high school with :) They also have a rad magazine, blog and brand new talk show!
Q: Who are three people you love to follow on twitter?
A: Religiously--Katy Perry, Sara Daost, and Michelle Guerin

Q:What do you hope to gain from attending WWDMAGIC?

A: An opportunity to meet with other fashion lovers, trend-setters, social medialites and bloggers from all over. Also a chance to experience and discover fashion like never before. I can't wait! 


A Red Velvet 21st

Hard for me to believe my baby sister is all grown up! We celebrated Bree's birthday in Ocean Beach and what's a better combination than great company, delicious beer and organic pizza? Oh when you also add Red Velvet cupcakes! Definitely a sweet way to begin the evening, because everyone knows dessert comes first. 

Happy 21st Bree!


Bruno Mars - Grenade

...But you won't do the same.

Does anyone enjoy listening to this song as much as I do? While driving back and forth between San Diego & Los Angeles, this song came on the radio 4 times. I'm not sure whether that is a sign, or whether that just means it's new or just a song that everyone has been requesting--either way--I have been thinking a lot about music and how listening to a song can truly change your mood or even outlook on something.  Recently. I have found myself being critical of relationships. This time I have been thinking about ALL types of relationships: the ones with friends, family members,  the opposite sex, the same sex and even the relationship I have with myself. Listening to this song, it is almost hard to imagine a relationship that would compel me to put my hand on a blade for someone else, or even being so in love that I would risk everything I had for another person--but that's just the thing: some relationships are that powerful. My last post about being female was quite cynical, but I'd like to think that I will one day find that relationship where these extreme feelings are reciprocated.

Until then, I'm going to be a little more open minded about the relationships in my life and give each of them another chance. I am going to start giving all of them the benefit of the doubt. 


Fabulously Female

Being a female is fabulous. What better to be born than be born a with the XX chromosome? I have noticed that we females need to stick together: stand up for one another and embrace the sensual, sexual and sensitive beings that we very well are. Why is it that we often let ourselves be consumed with traditional stereotypes of how we fit within our culture? Why should we subordinate ourselves to the damsels of distress when some dude decides to be a douche bag or even allow ourselves to be convinced that the male portion of the population will even make us happy for that matter? I'm not trying to say that men are useless--there are plenty of reasons why they are decent to have around--but I'm an advocate for independence and self-actualization. I truly believe that there are just too many females that are taken advantage of and allow themselves to fall easily into a vicious and toxic trap purposely created by the opposite sex. If I've learned anything, it's the never ending list of differences between males and females. 

I have taken note of a few fearless women who have inspired me to go above and beyond what society expects. These bombshells have broken boundaries and have paved their own way to success. 

Be inspired, but more importantly: be inspiring


Ray At Night: Art Walk

Since my sister and I have been driving all over North Park and Hillcrest for the past few days, I have found myself falling more in love with every little bit of San Diego. Last night we checked out North Park's Monthly "Ray At Night" Community Art Walk and Showcase. Every second Saturday of the month, local art studios open their doors from 6-10pm and openly invite you to experience as they expose their art in galleries.  Local businesses like the Mystic Water Kava Bar & Yoga Studio even had a host DJ playing in the back. You might just find a few other local designers and artists lining the streets with merchandise and art to sell. There was even a cupcake truck!

Ray Street & North Park Way

3D Photographs & Magnets

 Wall Mural done by San Diego Art Institute Students

The Mint Collective | Cutest Rings Ever! 

Totally Recycled | Cardboard Art



I can officially say that 2010 was the first year that I actually made New Year's Resolutions and feel as if I successfully accomplished them. This should be great, but I still feel like there is something missing about this whole "New Year's Resolutions" deal. After looking at my blog post from last year, I have realized a few things. Honestly, I thought making resolutions and following through with them would give me a sense of ownership over my actions in proving that I am able to do what it is I imagine is better for myself in the coming year, but in reality it may not be. Not even at all. This year, I have decided not to set "resolutions" per se, but rather set a more organized timeline of things I would like to do for the next twelve months. 

That means I have 8,760 hours (well less now considering it's nearly 2pm) and over 525,000 minutes to work on making this year better than the last. To begin my year-long timeline, I will of course begin with the basics: organization. I have noticed that I am a very excessive person and I feel as though all of my "excess" stuff is consuming my room, closet, apartment and life! I have been successful at actively avoiding my excessive-ness, and now it's time to face the problem and solve it. So, for the rest of the year, I am going to tackle organizing a different part of my life, my space, my finances, and my work each month. But take it a step further and actually make something of it, something that will help me stay organized for the future--whether that be a scrapbook of old photos or opening an Etsy shop. 

I have already vowed to continue to blog, but I want to be more active about connecting with and influencing others who are blogging as well. I am also promising to be nicer to myself; I really need to begin listen to my body when she tells me that she is tired, cranky or hungry. (It's time to take her to the gym more regularly too!) So here's to a new year: a 2011 that is organized, healthy and one that is going to be something to show for.