She's So Unusual

"Your TRUE COLORS are beautiful like a Rainbow"



Poprocks & Peacoats is an interactive space where you will find photos, write-ups and tid-bits about my life that I decide to document digitally. Why do I blog? To connect, to express, to inspire and feel inspired. Why else?

A little more about me & what you'll find...

This blog began while I was an undergraduate at UC, San Diego as a way for me to document my life at a time when I was learning how social networking sites and virtual communities thrive. I really enjoy connecting with fellow bloggers, foodies and fashion lovers and have recently made a resolution to continue to blog! While in college, I worked as the Director of Publicity for UCSD's Fashion Quarterly Magazine and I am currently working to continue to develop myself as a marketing and public relations professional.

I will also include randoms about bits going on in my everyday life--I love food and fashion, but I also enjoy adventuring, being outdoors, painting my nails, listening to Katy Perry, reading Cosmopolitan & Nylon, thrift shopping, photography, and contemporary art.

I love to create and to invent with food and fashion. I love the beach, feathers, sparkles and the colors orange, red, purple, pink, and brown.

Feel free to comment and please enjoy responsibly.