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"Your TRUE COLORS are beautiful like a Rainbow"



New Year, New Muse

Well 2011, you weren't very nice to me.  In fact, you were a bit of a bully, but the thing is I am okay with that. I should have known that when one year is over and a new begins, the last expectation I should have is the year will treat me well. Pessimism is not my aim here, because I learned quite a lot in 2011. Admittedly, 2011 was perhaps the year I came to realize the most about myself, my beliefs, my family, my friends and my faith in humanity. Last January, I decided to nix the 2010 New Year's Resolution tradition and set a organizational timeline for the pieces of my life that were a bit out-of-place. While I feel I have followed through with getting my life together, I have also learned that having total control is really never possible. As 2012 begins, I will be setting my standards high. This time not for the year itself, but rather for my own  well-being and staying true to being positive, productive and progressive. My hope for 2012 is that there will be a lot of doing what I can everyday to be a better person all around. Remembering, regardless of whatever I may be told, that in the end it's me, myself and I. Cheers to making this next year a one I'll never forget.  


In Photos

From Christmas to Hanukkah, the Holidays always are the busiest time of year for me. I'll let my pictures do the talking.


Sparkle Season

What more reason is there to sparkle during the season that screams decoration and detail overload? That's right, I'm talking about sequins. See and believe it: this shiny trend is not just for costumes and kiddos, but the perfect way to jazz up any Holiday outfit. Whether as an accessory or overcoat, adding a pinch of sequins to your ensemble will have you the star of any party and not looking like a cheap Christmas ornament. 


The Advantage of Vintage

The thing I love most about vintage clothing is that it always begins a conversation. I'm not saying that I justify my purchases on the basis of talk-ability, but I feel that some clothing truly speaks for itself. Thrifting is one of my favorite activities because there is something about finding the oh-so-perfect treasure from the past that captures a moment in time. Clothing, itself is entirely affected by the context of it's generation, whether that's polyester in the 70's or cotton Levi's from the 90's. More importantly, I feel there is an advantage to all this. Nycole Garza, curator of Killer Styling, is changing salvaged drab into totally fab with her eye for re-worked vintage. Originally from the bay area, Nycole's sixth sense strictly in fashion has led her to work with the likes of the independent design shopping trade show THREAD. By "re-worked", I mean each piece is hand cut and edited to create something a bit more modern.

Last night, Killer Styling collaborated with jewelry designer Elisa Gonsalves and a few other local San Diegan creatives at El Camino for a Holiday Trunk Show. You can find Killer Styling on Facebook for upcoming events and etsy updates

Christmas came early for me when I got to go home with this incredible Cherry Bomb mini dress in red. 

With 2 for 1 drink specials, El Camino was packed in spite of the drizzly afternoon. Nycole and I below. 


Pink, Purple & Pastel

Pretty pink, purple and pastel color combo fashions combine just the right amount of sugar and spice that will be sure to help brighten up any rainy day. Think winter sorbet: a splash of sweet pink and violet perfectly compliment the sour baby blue. Today, I spent the afternoon on Melrose scoping out some of my favorite places such as The Wasteland and SLOW with my friend Josue. Then it was off to The Grove to hang with Maria and Stacy for some Holiday gift getting at Anthropology and Crate&Barrel. Let's just say everyone on my list this year will not be disappointed!
Source: Atlantic-Pacific, collage above: Vintage Pink Mini Dress (top), Anthropologie (middle), Kimchi&Blue (bottom), turquoise wooden and pink thrifted bangles   


Mad for Design

This past Friday, the opportunity arose for me to sit runway side to watch San Diego's home-grown cut & sew line by mastermind  Michelle Aquino of Design. For the premiere of her latest holiday line "The Siren, the Muse and The Goddess", hosted a fashion party showcasing her newest collection. I was definitely excited to see so many flirty and functional pieces crawl down the catwalk. I was joined by two good friends and we enjoyed sippin' and schmoozing at the San Diego W Hotel. Designer and cut & sew extraordinaire, Michelle creates one-of-a-kind pieces out of her downtown workshop. Michelle is a graduate of FIDM and also an active  member of San Diego's fashion community. Each of her designs are custom created out of her studio in San Diego. For more information on Design and check out her blog and find her on Facebook.

From fun and flirty prints, flowy and feminine monotone dresses, and contrasting color blocking--I could not but help but think how I wanted to be a siren, muse and goddess this Holiday season. 

Take a peak at the new line for yourself! 
The Fashion Show Re-cap, shot live at The W Hotel 


Design Crush: Hester Crown Jewelry

As I gear up for a weekend full of independent fashion and design as I head to THREAD in San Francisco, I could not help but feature a post about my latest crafty crush. Hester Crown is brainchild of Laura Pecenco of San Diego and her work is, hands down, creatively cool and uniquely chic. Originally from Northern California and after spending some time in Berkeley for her undergrad, this California girl insists that living in sunny San Diego keeps the motivational juices flowing and helps to inspire her.  I met Laura when she was designing for her first jewelry company, Laurasaurus Designs. Sink your teeth into these colorful and delicious one-of-a-kind creations! With an eye for pushing the creative limits of contemporary jewelry, Hester Crown is Laura’s newest collection of artful pieces that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on. I caught up with Laura about her latest creations and inspirations.
Skeleton arm ring cast in bronze. 

Lariat necklace with sterling silver cast doll arms. 

Skeleton hands cast in bronze. Rose gold plate ear hooks. 
All photos by Yeesheen Yang.

[P&P] From beetle wings to bones in bronze, tell us more about what inspires your unique designs.
[Laura] I think bodies are absolutely amazing and beautiful, and I wanted to highlight those forms. I love selecting items that are both elegant and slightly creepy... pieces that make you do a double-take.
[P&P]  How did you come up with Hester Crown?
[L] One of my best friends, Ricki, actually came up with the name. I like that the name "Hester" has come to be associated with Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter - she is a strong woman with a very defiant nature. The "Crown" part is a play on both sophistication and on dental crowns (I have an obsession with teeth). I came up with the business because I wanted to separate these pieces, which are all cast or set by hand, from Laurasaurus Designs, the other jewelry business I run. Both jewelry lines encompass a quirkiness, but I feel that Hester Crown represents a different side of my work. 
[P&P] Who are your favorite jewelry designers?
[L] My friend Norissa actually just told me about Pamela Love, and I think her work is gorgeous. I am also a huge fan of one of my jewelry instructors, Tara Magboo, who runs Adorable Mayhem. 
[P&P] Where can we purchase our own custom pieces? 
[L] My work is available online and at craft shows so far. I have an etsy site ( - more items will be posted soon! I also have a blog and a facebook page . I will be at the SoNo Holiday Park Fest on December 4 and at the Bar Pink Holiday Craft Fair on December 10.
[P&P] What is your favorite part about jewelry designing?
[L] I love the casting process. It is so rewarding to go through the process step by step, end up with this seemingly ugly chunk of metal, and then turn it into a beautiful, finished product. But I also really love when someone really connects with a piece! 
[P&P] Are you on Etsy?
[L] I am on etsy - I will be posting more items shortly!
[P&P] Tell us a little about what's next for Hester Crown.
[L] I am very excited about moving forward with Hester Crown. I plan to build up my inventory (I'm always working on new pieces) and get my jewelry into some stores. I am very much looking forward to the craft shows that are coming up. I will also be updating my blog and etsy pages, so stay tuned! :)

For more on Hester Crown, stop by the Facebook page for the latest on news, events and designs.