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San Diego Thread Show Photo Recap

A little bit of this, a little bit of that: San Diego's Thread Show is at it again. Combining the tastes and styles of artists near and far as well as the fresh fashion sense of innovative individuals, this multi-city trade show is changing the way locals shop. 

944 Runway

 Woodbury and I at the Jedidiah Booth



Thanksgiving was quite different for me this year, but in a good way. 
More than ever, I have realized that I am so incredibly thankful for the family and friends that support me. My life has been through many changes in the last few months and I have found myself dealing with the ups and downs in new and better ways than I would have before. So, for all of those whom have told me not to give up and to continue to find the opportunity in every situation, it is you who I am thankful for. You have inspired me to become who I am today and this is someone who I am very happy to be. 

 Thanksgiving 2010


Toot it & Boot it

After being on the look-out for an awesome pair of Winter boots, I finally found an amazing pair. Well, actually, I am quite sure they found me and thank God for that. Since I've had boots on my mind for the past few weeks, I found that trendy boots these days are far from boring and come in nearly every color and height. The trick with boots is to find something that is complimentary to your everyday style. For me, it was really hard to find a pair of dark & edgy boots without looking like a I was about to hop on a Harley. 

Here are some of the treasures I found, including the boots that found me!
Buckle Babe
Levis // Conductor Buckle Boots // $50

Vintage Comeback
Zodiac Leather & Suede // $75 // Size 6
Teal Steal // BC Shoes // $140
Flower Girl
Dr. Marten's // 1460 Floral Boot // $130

Nude Cowboy 
Laredo Cedar Boot // $100

Now get out there, Toot It & Boot It! 


"He's Just Not That Into You"

First and foremost, I am not a movie person. But on Friday night, I watched "He's Just Not That Into You", the 2009 big-screen version of the book written by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, and felt compelled to write something about it. Normally, whenever I do end up watching a movie, I am easily able to detach everything going on the screen from my everyday reality. Meaning, I find it really hard to relate to films whatsoever. I think it could have been the hundreds of films, documentaries and movies I watched in college that taught me to be extremely critical about content and context. Because for me, a film is just another bias blend of subjective content--whether it claims to be fact or fiction. However, this movie really got me thinking. 

I actually found that this movie was doing much more than providing for my Friday night viewing pleasure, but rather gave  me a little bit of a reality slap. As I sat bundled up on my couch and watched the the love octagon of Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Connelly, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long unfold in front of me, I could not help but relate to each of the characters as they each face the emotional cycle of love versus lust. 

I have realized that it is all to easy to lose sight of what you really want when emotions all too easily drive us in another direction, and almost always when we least expect it. Relationships are complicated and impossible without the right person. I feel I have experienced a colorful spectrum different types of relationships, but I think more than ever the relationship I have yet to really be in is the one with myself. While we are always trying to improve our romantic relationship statuses or our our relationships with our friends and family--I would argue that the most important relationship to maintain is the one you have with yourself. How often do you really ask yourself: "how am I doing?" and then actually consider the true answer? 
So as of now, I am working things out with myself. We are going to spend some time alone and figure out how we are going to make our life together work. I think a shopping date is in order!


Lovely & Lacey

Lace & Bows //
 Nude Lace // Rinny Riot
Laced In // RubiLove

 Pearly Girl // Jennifer & Sherry

Spikes, Lace & Karl Lagerfeld // Diego DOM

What better way to feel lovely and light than wearing something in lace? I like to think of fashion as the individuals way of decorating themselves. My favorite is anything over-sized enough to drape over the shoulder or pair with a contrasting color. Above are just a few designers and fashion pros that are lovin' lace right now, too! 


Threaded at The Ivy

What better way to support local San Diego designers than being able to dress-up, go out, drink and dance all at the same time. Thread is a multi-city fashion event that features local artist, designers and innovators who come together under one roof in cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fransisco and Phoenix.

"THREAD is a curated showcase of the best emerging, trend forecasting, style breaking, genre bending fashion designers, and the music and art that rock their world"

Lois, Roberto and I made an appearance and would all agree that this is something we will go to again!

Reinventing Myself

There is nothing I love more than a really awesome haircut. For me, I feel better in anything I am wearing if I feel my hair is up to par. The thing is (and while I had not really noticed it) I have been neglecting my hair lately. Although that seems like it does not really make much sense, but I literally could feel as if my split ends were collaborating together and plotting against me and the rest of my head. Therefore, it was time for a cut. 

I visited a friend of mine for some help. It's a great thing that he is a professional stylist and knows hair better than a comb! Thanks to my friend Jean Marc, owner of Jean Marc DeAngelis Salon in Carlsbad, I am reinvented. During the process, I chatted with Jean Marc about life, beauty and fashion but what I distinctly remember was his advice on finding the perfect cut. For Jean Marc, simple and classic is key. "It is important to be true to yourself". On that note, I can definitely say that I feel a lot more like myself than I have in quite some time! Thank you, Jean Marc. 

A peak inside Jean Marc De angelis' Creative Studio
For more information on how you can get Reinvented by Jean Marc & his fabulous staff, visit his twitter and be his friend on Facebook


Blogs on the Brain

At work, I was compiling a list of bloggers in the Los Angeles area and was really amazed with number of young people who were updating, writing and influencing followers everyday.

Click through links to some of my favorites (in no particular order)
 Fancy Treehouse // Coury Combs // est. 2009
I love pairing unexpected combination and seeing vintage with thrift or designer with hand-made. I also love wearing stripes and red, which you will see all over this blog. Did I mention she has the cutest Boston Terrier that occasionally makes an appearance? So adorable.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Sweden's Miss Frida Johnson
LOOKBOOK's number one and for obvious reasons.  And only 17!
Again, with the red. I am beginning to think that investing in a red pair of tights might be a good idea right about now. 
 _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

Wild At Heart // Kelley Ash
The female body, de-contexualized. 
A blog about beautiful bodies, beautiful faces.  


Mint Chip

I've been recently inspired by the changes happening in my life.
Rather than looking at the unexpected as a negative consequence of my previous actions, I am going to look optimistically at these changes and do my best to learn and grow from them. It's time to be idealistic and think about my fortunate and successful life in the present.

In this case, I re-arranged some furniture in my room and redecorated my wall. In high school I had an entire wall covered in magazine spreads that I liked. Whatever trends, styles and brands I was inspired by covered my wall--floor to ceiling. Every so often I would put up new ones, but would place them on top of eachother. One summer I finally took them down and have yet to decorate that way since. The Pop Magazine I recently picked up has also contributed to my desire to redecorate.

I've been really into the color mint lately. It could be because the color is just refreshing and light, which is completely a reflection of how I see the world right now. I have started to take things as they come, rather than what I'd hope them to be. Not saying that my expectations have lowered, they have just slightly shifted.
I just absolutely love the pastel green with darker hues of black and dark purple. After a recent trip to Buffalo Exchange, I picked up a few good sweaters--even a vintage one in mint!

Check out some of these cutesy & minty fresh designs of every flavor!
[LEFT] Evergreen for your Wall // The Youth She Once Possessed // Online $18
[ABOVE] Orbit // Vintage Stilettos Size 6 // $14

Sweet Mint // $50

Winterfresh // tumblrphotographyxox
Owls + gems = love


An Afternoon with Kelli Murray

Kelli Murray // "When Dreams Become Reality" // Etsy $65

What inspires me the most is when I meet young individuals who are using their talent for the greater good. Yesterday, I sat down and spoke with Kelli Murray, an artist and designer from San Diego who's work can be found helping to raise awareness for Humanitarian groups such as Invisible Children. Not only was Kelli Murray one of the most down-to-earth and fashionable females I have met, but she has the heart and passion to go with it.

Kelli brings a whole new meaning to blonde bombshell-- she is wholesome, genuine and quite modest despite her success in putting Jedidiah Clothing on the fashion map. Her designs have been featured in an array of Jedidiah Clothing collections and just this past September, Kelli showcased her work in the multi-city indie fashion show THREAD for the first time. Her art is also available to purchase through her Etsy store.

As I sat down with her in the Jedidiah warehouse, she welcomed me with her warm smile and personality. This made this interview so much fun and it was obvious that Kelli is passionate about what she does as she enthusiastically shared with me what inspires her as an artist, designer, philanthropist and entrepreneur. I was really interested to find that that her designs are often inspired by fellow bloggers and artists she keeps up with online. As a blogger and writer I, too, find myself being inspired by other blogs and it was great to find out that others feel the same. I am fascinated by the emerging development of virtual communities where ideas, writers, artists and creators can collaborate and share ideas. I feel social media is truly changing the way art is appreciated, how trends evolve and artist are discovered.

The full article on Kelli Murray will be published in the Winter Issue of Proxart Magazine.

A huge thanks to my good friend, Kyle from The Final Statement who was responsible for documenting the entire interview! Photos to come very soon.

Sneak Peak of our interview