She's So Unusual

"Your TRUE COLORS are beautiful like a Rainbow"



3 Eventful Things

I've been busy lately, but I would like to think of that as a good thing. 

FIRST|Poetry Slam

What I've grown to love about San Diego is that there is a massive appreciation for the creative scene and tremendous amount of local support for amateur writers, musician and artists. La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas is a perfect example of where North County poets can step on stage for the Annual Poetry Slam and compete in a series of rounds for a cash prize. The coolest thing: this local find is free (but you'll definitely find yourself donating a buck or two in the end because all the money goes to poet with the most points!) I was throughly impressed  with all of the work!     

More photos @
On February 19th, I attended UCSD's 2011 production of the Vagina Monologues, which I was a part of last year. Being my third time experiencing the show it was still as if I was watching it for the first time. This years cast was absolutely amazing and I really enjoyed their energy and could not help but be proud that I had been apart of such a phenomenal program with such a powerful mission.

THIRD|Project Ethos
Where can you find local designers, up and coming musicians and artists all under one roof, in one night? Project Ethos is redefining how cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Scottsdale, Chicago and Miami are experiencing emerging innovators in fashion, art and music. 944 Magazine and DiscoverSD agree that this is more than just a showcase, but a contemporary cultural movement and one you definitely should not miss out on. Being my second time going, it was quite different from last year but in a good way. The location (this year it was at SD's Night Club + Lounge FLUXX) was great and I was able to chat with some talented folks that are making artistic moves!     


LA based rapper Mann in the building!



It's so true that you really will find the most unexpected treasures in the most unexpected places. Case in point: I always seem to find the best vintage and thrifty finds at the Salvation Army conveniently located just a few blocks from my parents house. Today was one of those really-awesome-everything-is-going-swell days and so I decided a trip to one of my favorite SA  was in order. I was also inspired by Chelsea Lane's fashion blog [zipped] post on how to thrift, which offers some awesome insider tips from a real expert! 

Here are a few things Bo and I found that I would agree are perfect for the chilly weather that San Diego and Los Angeles have been experiencing lately. I totally had chunky knits on the radar!

Cut-off sheer in dusty green! 

Creme, Cranberry & Olive


A Walk in Balboa Park

The whole family was in San Diego for president's day weekend and we took a day trip to Balboa Park to enjoy the rain-free San Diego weather. We stopped by the Spanish Village Art Center and checked out the open galleries. We picnic-ed with Dudley's famous rosemary & olive oil rolls, delicious! 


Red Hot

I spent the entire weekend indulging in all things sugary sweet and chocked full of goodness and I'd say it was well worth the tooth ache. Valentine's Day is right around the corner so my green thinking soon turned red when I saw red ripe strawberries at the store on Friday, and of course they were ever so strategically placed right next to the microwave melt-able chocolate perfect for dipping. Well, I put two together and you know what I ended up with? A whole lot of deliciousness! 
A...MMM...AZING to say the least!

A few other super adorable ideas that are absolutely delicious and inspired by all the love in the air.  

Now Every February, You'll be my Valentine
Online @ LOOKBOOK | Light Pink & Black Hearts 

I feel you in my Bones 

Online @ Etsy | Red Skull Bow $12

Little Miss Vintage 

Online @ Etsy & 25% off right now! 

Felt Madness
Felty Foxy Female, Joan from Mad Men 
Online @ Renegade $16

Looks like I'm RED-Y for the rest of February! 


Puppy Love

 How easy it is to be a dog? Well it's a life I'd love to live if I was this cute.


Maggie & Baby

Puppy Prints in the sand. 
Sarah, Tiffany and I took a trip the Ocean Beach Dog Beach and what a wonderful afternoon in the sun it was. Of course her pups were the most popular furry friends on the sand, seriously I wanted to take them home with me (and so did everyone else!)


Going Green

I have realized, now that I have been living in San Diego for a almost three years, there is just something about the 70 degree February days that make me want to go outside and stay there. I've found myself fully enjoying the warmer weather and on to enjoy the greener side of things. So, I'm already obsessed with anything I can find in the color mint, but I have started giving all other shades of green the benefit of the doubt. Here are just a few ways I've been going green

No, but seriously I AM! Not only does it look good with beige, black and brown--but just about any other color you would not expect. I think my favorite is pairing it with anything orange!


 Art by: Monty Montgomery 
Paper-less publishing! Thanks to my good friends at Proxart, my interview with San Diego artist, Monty Montgomery, was featured on their website. Check it out!

Hillcrest Farmer's Market

Sunday Strollin' to the Farmer's Market
 My favorite San Diego Farmer's Market (so far) is the one in Hillcrest! Located conveniently a few blocks from my sister's apartment, on Normal and Lincoln, is where you'll find this SD gem! A few weeks ago I bought some bell peppers and my sister picked up some awesome re-purposed jewelry. This week, I picked up an eggplant and boy, was that the most delicious eggplant! Sarah and I ate half of it earlier today!  
I will be sure to post the what Sarah and I did, I have been meaning to post a new recipe!  

Circuit Bird 

Circuit Bird // sparkover on Etsy
I made a pair of earrings for my sister's birthday a few weeks back out of scrapped circuit boards, but did not get a chance to take a photo of them. I found a user on Etsy who got even more creative with old, recycled and vintage circuit boards. How cool is this?