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Toot it & Boot it

After being on the look-out for an awesome pair of Winter boots, I finally found an amazing pair. Well, actually, I am quite sure they found me and thank God for that. Since I've had boots on my mind for the past few weeks, I found that trendy boots these days are far from boring and come in nearly every color and height. The trick with boots is to find something that is complimentary to your everyday style. For me, it was really hard to find a pair of dark & edgy boots without looking like a I was about to hop on a Harley. 

Here are some of the treasures I found, including the boots that found me!
Buckle Babe
Levis // Conductor Buckle Boots // $50

Vintage Comeback
Zodiac Leather & Suede // $75 // Size 6
Teal Steal // BC Shoes // $140
Flower Girl
Dr. Marten's // 1460 Floral Boot // $130

Nude Cowboy 
Laredo Cedar Boot // $100

Now get out there, Toot It & Boot It! 

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