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Reinventing Myself

There is nothing I love more than a really awesome haircut. For me, I feel better in anything I am wearing if I feel my hair is up to par. The thing is (and while I had not really noticed it) I have been neglecting my hair lately. Although that seems like it does not really make much sense, but I literally could feel as if my split ends were collaborating together and plotting against me and the rest of my head. Therefore, it was time for a cut. 

I visited a friend of mine for some help. It's a great thing that he is a professional stylist and knows hair better than a comb! Thanks to my friend Jean Marc, owner of Jean Marc DeAngelis Salon in Carlsbad, I am reinvented. During the process, I chatted with Jean Marc about life, beauty and fashion but what I distinctly remember was his advice on finding the perfect cut. For Jean Marc, simple and classic is key. "It is important to be true to yourself". On that note, I can definitely say that I feel a lot more like myself than I have in quite some time! Thank you, Jean Marc. 

A peak inside Jean Marc De angelis' Creative Studio
For more information on how you can get Reinvented by Jean Marc & his fabulous staff, visit his twitter and be his friend on Facebook

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