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"Your TRUE COLORS are beautiful like a Rainbow"



Blogs on the Brain

At work, I was compiling a list of bloggers in the Los Angeles area and was really amazed with number of young people who were updating, writing and influencing followers everyday.

Click through links to some of my favorites (in no particular order)
 Fancy Treehouse // Coury Combs // est. 2009
I love pairing unexpected combination and seeing vintage with thrift or designer with hand-made. I also love wearing stripes and red, which you will see all over this blog. Did I mention she has the cutest Boston Terrier that occasionally makes an appearance? So adorable.
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Sweden's Miss Frida Johnson
LOOKBOOK's number one and for obvious reasons.  And only 17!
Again, with the red. I am beginning to think that investing in a red pair of tights might be a good idea right about now. 
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Wild At Heart // Kelley Ash
The female body, de-contexualized. 
A blog about beautiful bodies, beautiful faces.  


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  2. thanks Bailey!! YES! i would love to teach you how to make your own!