She's So Unusual

"Your TRUE COLORS are beautiful like a Rainbow"




Thanksgiving was quite different for me this year, but in a good way. 
More than ever, I have realized that I am so incredibly thankful for the family and friends that support me. My life has been through many changes in the last few months and I have found myself dealing with the ups and downs in new and better ways than I would have before. So, for all of those whom have told me not to give up and to continue to find the opportunity in every situation, it is you who I am thankful for. You have inspired me to become who I am today and this is someone who I am very happy to be. 

 Thanksgiving 2010


  1. so glad you had a good thanksgiving! these are such sweet photos :)


  2. Bails! You looked sooooo cute at your Thanksgiving soiree! And talking to you on the phone made me miss you so we definitely need to do lunch and drinks ALL the time now! :)