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An Afternoon with Kelli Murray

Kelli Murray // "When Dreams Become Reality" // Etsy $65

What inspires me the most is when I meet young individuals who are using their talent for the greater good. Yesterday, I sat down and spoke with Kelli Murray, an artist and designer from San Diego who's work can be found helping to raise awareness for Humanitarian groups such as Invisible Children. Not only was Kelli Murray one of the most down-to-earth and fashionable females I have met, but she has the heart and passion to go with it.

Kelli brings a whole new meaning to blonde bombshell-- she is wholesome, genuine and quite modest despite her success in putting Jedidiah Clothing on the fashion map. Her designs have been featured in an array of Jedidiah Clothing collections and just this past September, Kelli showcased her work in the multi-city indie fashion show THREAD for the first time. Her art is also available to purchase through her Etsy store.

As I sat down with her in the Jedidiah warehouse, she welcomed me with her warm smile and personality. This made this interview so much fun and it was obvious that Kelli is passionate about what she does as she enthusiastically shared with me what inspires her as an artist, designer, philanthropist and entrepreneur. I was really interested to find that that her designs are often inspired by fellow bloggers and artists she keeps up with online. As a blogger and writer I, too, find myself being inspired by other blogs and it was great to find out that others feel the same. I am fascinated by the emerging development of virtual communities where ideas, writers, artists and creators can collaborate and share ideas. I feel social media is truly changing the way art is appreciated, how trends evolve and artist are discovered.

The full article on Kelli Murray will be published in the Winter Issue of Proxart Magazine.

A huge thanks to my good friend, Kyle from The Final Statement who was responsible for documenting the entire interview! Photos to come very soon.

Sneak Peak of our interview

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  1. It was so nice meeting you the other day Bailey! Thanks for this sweet (encouraging!) post! I will email you soon with some of my fav's from the shoot. xo -Kelli