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Mint Chip

I've been recently inspired by the changes happening in my life.
Rather than looking at the unexpected as a negative consequence of my previous actions, I am going to look optimistically at these changes and do my best to learn and grow from them. It's time to be idealistic and think about my fortunate and successful life in the present.

In this case, I re-arranged some furniture in my room and redecorated my wall. In high school I had an entire wall covered in magazine spreads that I liked. Whatever trends, styles and brands I was inspired by covered my wall--floor to ceiling. Every so often I would put up new ones, but would place them on top of eachother. One summer I finally took them down and have yet to decorate that way since. The Pop Magazine I recently picked up has also contributed to my desire to redecorate.

I've been really into the color mint lately. It could be because the color is just refreshing and light, which is completely a reflection of how I see the world right now. I have started to take things as they come, rather than what I'd hope them to be. Not saying that my expectations have lowered, they have just slightly shifted.
I just absolutely love the pastel green with darker hues of black and dark purple. After a recent trip to Buffalo Exchange, I picked up a few good sweaters--even a vintage one in mint!

Check out some of these cutesy & minty fresh designs of every flavor!
[LEFT] Evergreen for your Wall // The Youth She Once Possessed // Online $18
[ABOVE] Orbit // Vintage Stilettos Size 6 // $14

Sweet Mint // $50

Winterfresh // tumblrphotographyxox
Owls + gems = love

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  1. Love this post! especially that awesome Warhol (?) on top!