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YELP + Palmdale = Black Expedition

I realize that this may come as a shock, but today was the first day I used YELP! to find a place to eat. I have only heard really good things about the website and decided to give it a try especially because I am not too sure what was good in Palmdale.

The Plan: To meet up with Maria at Shogun--the restaurant I found on Yelp and enjoy amazing sushi that all the yelpers raved about.

The Reality: That the directions YELP decided to give me never got me or Maria to the sushi place. In fact, I was driving around in circles, ended up in a shady neighborhood, got followed by a black Expedition driven by a drug dealer that Maria rescued me from!!! Thank god for that! It was quite an afternoon! Maria and I stopped at Tom's #27 and I ordered the artery cloggin' special: Pastrami with Mustard and pickles while Maria got the BLT (both were delish!) Then we spent some time at SUPER TARGET.

The Moral: Never use Yelp again.

Being, well, us!

Taking sanitary precautions while at Super Target! You never know who might have the SWINE FLU! ha ha

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