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NYE 2010

2010 Oh, how I have waited your arrival!

NYE 2010 with my boy :D

I cannot believe it has been a decade since the millennium--I am pretty sure the reality of 2010 is hard to believe for a lot of other people. Let me look back at where I was 10 years ago...
I was a sixth grader in Mrs. White's class at Mitchell Elementary School in Santa Clarita. I can actually say that I was a part of the graduating class of 2000! (even if it was just promotion to 7th grade...)

Surprisingly, I remember quite a few things from ten years back:

1) I began blogging! funny thing is, you can still check out my website @

2) I was chosen to speak at my 6th Grade Promotion--I remember working so hard on that speech and felt so proud to stand up and actually get to present it in front of my entire class and their families!

3) As an avid Girl Scout, I traveled with my Girl Scout Troop to Sacramento where I learned a lot more about just the Gold Rush--but also about how to avoid drama with other girls in the troop!

4) I was a member of the Santa Clarita Children's Chorus--its first year of existence in the SCV--and was where I met other incredible singers Haley Singley and Markie Hester

5) In AYSO I played on, a great year for us because we made it to the play-offs.

6) My first semester in Junior High at Sierra Vista Junior High School, where I met some of the people I still know today: Suzie Fulleman, Ayesha Ali, and Ricky Miller...

Looking back, a lot has changed. Friends have come and gone--while some have stuck around! Memories have been made and have faded, tears have been cried, smiles have been drawn, but what is most important still remains true: growth.
The more you learn, the more you question, the more you question the more you interpret, the more you interpret, the better you understand and understanding is the key to growing stronger and more successful in every way.
My life may seem as if it has drastically changed, but truth is, I am still blogging (haha) and still performing (Vagina Monologues out this Feb)!
Happy 2010 ♥

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