She's So Unusual

"Your TRUE COLORS are beautiful like a Rainbow"




Photo: Holocaust Memorial--Berlin, Germany

Words. Spoken and unspoken words.

I have been thinking often of the power of words. Words can be comforting when used in a conversation with someone you have not spoken to in a long time, but what about words that go unspoken--words avoided, topics undiscussed, stories ignored. But they are all just words right?

What about the words we speak using our hands, eyes, and the rest of our bodies. The words that are unspoken using language but expressed using feeling and emotion. Its true that when some words are put together can be powerful enough to fester a spectacle of emotions tied to memories.

I've come to realize that sometimes even the right words are the wrong ones. And sometimes when you have nothing to say with words, that might be the best time to use them.

I am no longer going to hide behind the meaning of words, rather I will exercise their power--for words are more powerful than you may think.

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