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Designer Crush: Ana Chang

A new year, a new post. To begin 2012 the right way, I am excited to start off by featuring an inspirational and fashionable female who is also my newly coveted designer crush. Fearless and fancy, this 20-year-old bombshell is taking on the international design world and making her mark. Ana Chang is the maven behind her original self-titled clothing line. Currently residing in Guatemala, Chang's latin roots fused with her eye for feminine detail make her pieces both flirty and functional. I got the chance to interview Ana about her fashion icons, personal style, her recognition from Teen Vogue and what's next for her line in 2012. 

[Poprocks&Peacoats] Being an up and coming international designer, what (or who) would you say influences your personal style the most?
[Ana Chang] My influences come from my everyday journey: music, blogs, magazines, fashion icons and the people around me. In Guatemala I believe we have the perfect weather, so basically we combine different season clothing in one outfit! I’m a very practical girl when it comes to fashion so you can find a lot of denim, cardigans, jumpers, flats, oversize t-shirts and one or two men’s shirts in my closet.

[P&P] Where does the fashion story of Ana Chang begin? Did you always believe you would be designing?

[AC] Yes, fashion has always been my only option when it comes to what I want to do with the rest of my life. Since I was little I have been designing and painting. I see fashion as the perfect and unique way to express what you feel, think and want to communicate to the world.

[P&P] What are some challenges (if any) you have faced being a young designer? What advice do you have for other young up-and-comers?

[AC] My main challenge has been organizing my time because of my school schedules, but I’m really working on that! :) I’m a very visual person so I always keep my agenda as organize as I can to work on school, my blog and other projects.

My advice is
1.   Believe in your work and your own ideas! Unique ideas have more value than copied ideas :)
2. Work hard for what you want and always take the good things out from the bad situations. In life being positive has its rewards!

[P&P] How would you describe your latest line? What (or who) inspires the look of your pieces?

[AC] I made my first collection last year and was inspired by architecture. It had shift dresses, vests, black blazers and skirts. The main colors where: pastels, gray, white and black. I wanted to create a collection with basic clothing; easy to combine with anything else you have on your closet.

[P&P] Has living in Guatemala particularly influenced your work? Are there certain styles or trends that are original to your Latin roots that we can find in your collection?

[AC] Yes, it has influence on my work. The fashion industry in Guatemala is in a growing stage, where appreciation is taking place and I’m happy to be part of that. I’m blessed to live in a country with such wide material to get inspired from like: nature, colors, prints, native culture and clothing, are good examples of where my inspiration comes from when it comes to designing.
[P&P] Last year, you were featured in Teen Vogue as Blogger of the Moment, how cool was that?! What was it like to be recognized by such a respected company?

[AC] It has been the most amazing feeling ever! It’s such a great privilege to be recognized by them and I love that they are so open to new designers and the fact that they appreciate your work is indescribable. This gave me a lot of impulse to my new projects and ideas in fashion!

[P&P] Are there any fashion bloggers that you keep up with? Tell us a little about your blog, when did you begin blogging?

[AC] I’m a twitter fan so I follow all my favorite bloggers and designers and keep in touch with what they are doing and thinking. I keep up with Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook  Elizabeth M, Craig Arend from Models Off Duty,  The Persian Babe  Refinery 29 and many more.

I started my blog a few years ago. My posts are about what I like in fashion and in music, my experience in fashion and achievements! You’ll see me posting a lot more this year! Be ready : )
[P&P] Last but not least, how can we get our hands on your one-of-a-kind threads?  Can you tell us what is next for you?

[AC] I don’t sell my designs online yet but anyone that likes my work can send me an email and we will figure the shipping and everything out! Next year (2012) you’ll get to see all the process of my new collection and ill be posting all my designs. I’m planning my next fashion show with one of my friends that is also a fashion designer that will include two different lines, hopefully will be at the beginning of 2012. Can’t wait to share that with Poprocks and Peacoats :)

Want to keep up with Ana Chang? Find her on twitter, check out her blog or email her at info [at]


  1. BEAUTIFUL :) you are a powerful, talented women! BTW I am from El Salvador and I LOVE Guatemala :) so reading about this made me happy! come check out my blog and see what you like :) xoxo MUMU

  2. @euphoricfashion Glad you liked the post! I am definitely looking to feature some more international designers, so be sure to stay tuned. :) Totally LOVE the real fruit candy jewelry post on your blog!