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New Year, New Muse

Well 2011, you weren't very nice to me.  In fact, you were a bit of a bully, but the thing is I am okay with that. I should have known that when one year is over and a new begins, the last expectation I should have is the year will treat me well. Pessimism is not my aim here, because I learned quite a lot in 2011. Admittedly, 2011 was perhaps the year I came to realize the most about myself, my beliefs, my family, my friends and my faith in humanity. Last January, I decided to nix the 2010 New Year's Resolution tradition and set a organizational timeline for the pieces of my life that were a bit out-of-place. While I feel I have followed through with getting my life together, I have also learned that having total control is really never possible. As 2012 begins, I will be setting my standards high. This time not for the year itself, but rather for my own  well-being and staying true to being positive, productive and progressive. My hope for 2012 is that there will be a lot of doing what I can everyday to be a better person all around. Remembering, regardless of whatever I may be told, that in the end it's me, myself and I. Cheers to making this next year a one I'll never forget.  

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