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Pink, Purple & Pastel

Pretty pink, purple and pastel color combo fashions combine just the right amount of sugar and spice that will be sure to help brighten up any rainy day. Think winter sorbet: a splash of sweet pink and violet perfectly compliment the sour baby blue. Today, I spent the afternoon on Melrose scoping out some of my favorite places such as The Wasteland and SLOW with my friend Josue. Then it was off to The Grove to hang with Maria and Stacy for some Holiday gift getting at Anthropology and Crate&Barrel. Let's just say everyone on my list this year will not be disappointed!
Source: Atlantic-Pacific, collage above: Vintage Pink Mini Dress (top), Anthropologie (middle), Kimchi&Blue (bottom), turquoise wooden and pink thrifted bangles   

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  1. pictures 2 and 3 ... too dieeee for. perfect color combos!