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Blogs on the Brain II

When I started blogging, I never thought it would be anything other than a digital compilation of words, pictures, and inspirations. Since I started in 2009, my blog has managed to become much more than a series of posts about fashion and food, but rather manifested into a medium that has opened up doors that I never thought could be possible. There is an entire culture of writers, foodies and fashion folks in the blogosphere that are making major waves in the digital universe and beyond. When I get questions about why I blog, I have yet to refine the best possible answer. I attempted to do this, but as you can true thoughts are still under construction. 

However, I know that my blog is something that allows me to define and refine my personal taste and fashion sense. I think of my blog as a space where I can let myself to express, create and thrive by connecting with others who are doing the same. Right now, here are a few blogs I've got on the brain.

CLOSET RICH | Vintage & Pre-loved Fashion Finds
Major props for concept coolness, the Closet Rich blog is an extension of Closet Rich. An online store where curator Elizabeth Knott hand-picks designer and vintage finds which her site allows for viewers to buy or sell closet to closet. 

A Cup of Jo | Magazine Writer & Blogger in NY

Joanna fills her blog with tid-bits on everything eye-candy: travel destinations, design inspirations, movie reviews, delicious treats, and the future of fashion. Not to mention she has perfected finding links that just about anyone will love which she includes in her posts. How cool is this?

Lookbook Cookbook | Vegan Food & Fashion 
Food porn at its finest and I'm not kidding. What is better than food and fashion? When they are fused together to create a seamless collection of photographs giving a whole new meaning to tempting treats. Strawberry Coconut Ice Pop anyone?

Honestly...WTF | DIY & Everything Fashion
Seriously, one of my favorite blogs about art and fashion trends, tips and not to mention some of the most creative DIY tricks. Created by designer and stylist duo Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny, get your daily dose of all things tastefully fashionable and artfully original. This velvet bow was all DIY. Honesty...amazing. 


  1. OMG I am dying over that orange sweater. Love the big turtleneck detail!!

  2. @Lois I cannot get over how much orange just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside :)

  3. I totally got 3 new orange outfits this past month. One casual, one night time, and one mini dress all in orange.. o AND nail polish today. love orange <3