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Design Crush: Hester Crown Jewelry

As I gear up for a weekend full of independent fashion and design as I head to THREAD in San Francisco, I could not help but feature a post about my latest crafty crush. Hester Crown is brainchild of Laura Pecenco of San Diego and her work is, hands down, creatively cool and uniquely chic. Originally from Northern California and after spending some time in Berkeley for her undergrad, this California girl insists that living in sunny San Diego keeps the motivational juices flowing and helps to inspire her.  I met Laura when she was designing for her first jewelry company, Laurasaurus Designs. Sink your teeth into these colorful and delicious one-of-a-kind creations! With an eye for pushing the creative limits of contemporary jewelry, Hester Crown is Laura’s newest collection of artful pieces that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on. I caught up with Laura about her latest creations and inspirations.
Skeleton arm ring cast in bronze. 

Lariat necklace with sterling silver cast doll arms. 

Skeleton hands cast in bronze. Rose gold plate ear hooks. 
All photos by Yeesheen Yang.

[P&P] From beetle wings to bones in bronze, tell us more about what inspires your unique designs.
[Laura] I think bodies are absolutely amazing and beautiful, and I wanted to highlight those forms. I love selecting items that are both elegant and slightly creepy... pieces that make you do a double-take.
[P&P]  How did you come up with Hester Crown?
[L] One of my best friends, Ricki, actually came up with the name. I like that the name "Hester" has come to be associated with Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter - she is a strong woman with a very defiant nature. The "Crown" part is a play on both sophistication and on dental crowns (I have an obsession with teeth). I came up with the business because I wanted to separate these pieces, which are all cast or set by hand, from Laurasaurus Designs, the other jewelry business I run. Both jewelry lines encompass a quirkiness, but I feel that Hester Crown represents a different side of my work. 
[P&P] Who are your favorite jewelry designers?
[L] My friend Norissa actually just told me about Pamela Love, and I think her work is gorgeous. I am also a huge fan of one of my jewelry instructors, Tara Magboo, who runs Adorable Mayhem. 
[P&P] Where can we purchase our own custom pieces? 
[L] My work is available online and at craft shows so far. I have an etsy site ( - more items will be posted soon! I also have a blog and a facebook page . I will be at the SoNo Holiday Park Fest on December 4 and at the Bar Pink Holiday Craft Fair on December 10.
[P&P] What is your favorite part about jewelry designing?
[L] I love the casting process. It is so rewarding to go through the process step by step, end up with this seemingly ugly chunk of metal, and then turn it into a beautiful, finished product. But I also really love when someone really connects with a piece! 
[P&P] Are you on Etsy?
[L] I am on etsy - I will be posting more items shortly!
[P&P] Tell us a little about what's next for Hester Crown.
[L] I am very excited about moving forward with Hester Crown. I plan to build up my inventory (I'm always working on new pieces) and get my jewelry into some stores. I am very much looking forward to the craft shows that are coming up. I will also be updating my blog and etsy pages, so stay tuned! :)

For more on Hester Crown, stop by the Facebook page for the latest on news, events and designs. 

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  1. brilliant..finally someone does something other than skulls with a healthy dose of morbidity!