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PS. We Made This...

Thread was such a success! Hundreds of locals sipped, snacked and shopped independent design and everyone I talked to was having a fabulous time. For the DIY Lounge, we started off with threaded bracelets. Take a peak at some of the awesome color combos!

 Pictured: Kristen & Diane Thomas
A glimpse of the DJ booth, a snap shot of the blogger style off (please note the absolutely adorable teal jumper!) & of the Killer Styling booth 

DIY NEON Straw Earrings 

 A special thanks to all of the lovely ladies of Thread Show + Elle Communications for inviting me to host the DIY Lounge and   inspiring me to get even more crafty! Also, thank you to everyone who stopped by the lounge! For more DIY tips, ideas and how-to's, check out PS. I made this, with a claim to re imagine, reuse & reinvent fashion.  


  1. So awesome that you had the opportunity to host the lounge! Looks like a great event! Let's get one in LA soon.

  2. @Ayesha: Thanks so much! It was so much fun and I am really glad that I got to be apart of it :D

  3. Great post, Bailey! And congrats on the hosting gig. :-) I also agree with the first comment; this needs to come to LA!

  4. Your wish is my command! There will be a show in LA coming up on June 12th. Details here: RSVP :D

  5. Nice work girl! I wish I would have had time to sit down and make one of these with you!