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944::The Music Issue

I definitely have a soft spot for music. Up until a college, being a musician was a part of my identity. My childhood was spent in song and behind the microphone: from the hours of private voice lessons, the talent shows, trying out for America's Most Talented Kid, the musicals, my six years in choir--and that is just to name a few. I appreciate musicians and especially those who are making a name for themselves.

Monday night San Diego's 944 Magazine hosted a launch party for this month's Music Issue at AnalogLupe Fiasco is this month’s cover boy and he opens up to writer Ryan Cosby about his recent displeasure having to do with the recent tabloid news that his relationship with his record label has gone sour. You’ll also find highlights on San Diego bands to know if you don’t (check out: Family Wagon, Dirty Gold and The Burning of Rome) as well as snapshots of San Diego music lovers, top local music blogs and a look inside the indie dance scene.

It was fabulous being surrounded by the locals that are rocking the San Diego music scene. Here are a few shots from the night, take a look at the rest of the evening’s events here.  

With live performance by Family Wagon. 


  1. what a cool event! you look gorgeous and I loove how much you love music :) such a passion!


  2. i love these photos, your outfit, and most of all your love for music! We should have a jam session Bailey. That would be so fun. You can be the singer and i'll play the guitar. :D