She's So Unusual

"Your TRUE COLORS are beautiful like a Rainbow"



Fabulously Female

Being a female is fabulous. What better to be born than be born a with the XX chromosome? I have noticed that we females need to stick together: stand up for one another and embrace the sensual, sexual and sensitive beings that we very well are. Why is it that we often let ourselves be consumed with traditional stereotypes of how we fit within our culture? Why should we subordinate ourselves to the damsels of distress when some dude decides to be a douche bag or even allow ourselves to be convinced that the male portion of the population will even make us happy for that matter? I'm not trying to say that men are useless--there are plenty of reasons why they are decent to have around--but I'm an advocate for independence and self-actualization. I truly believe that there are just too many females that are taken advantage of and allow themselves to fall easily into a vicious and toxic trap purposely created by the opposite sex. If I've learned anything, it's the never ending list of differences between males and females. 

I have taken note of a few fearless women who have inspired me to go above and beyond what society expects. These bombshells have broken boundaries and have paved their own way to success. 

Be inspired, but more importantly: be inspiring

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