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Bruno Mars - Grenade

...But you won't do the same.

Does anyone enjoy listening to this song as much as I do? While driving back and forth between San Diego & Los Angeles, this song came on the radio 4 times. I'm not sure whether that is a sign, or whether that just means it's new or just a song that everyone has been requesting--either way--I have been thinking a lot about music and how listening to a song can truly change your mood or even outlook on something.  Recently. I have found myself being critical of relationships. This time I have been thinking about ALL types of relationships: the ones with friends, family members,  the opposite sex, the same sex and even the relationship I have with myself. Listening to this song, it is almost hard to imagine a relationship that would compel me to put my hand on a blade for someone else, or even being so in love that I would risk everything I had for another person--but that's just the thing: some relationships are that powerful. My last post about being female was quite cynical, but I'd like to think that I will one day find that relationship where these extreme feelings are reciprocated.

Until then, I'm going to be a little more open minded about the relationships in my life and give each of them another chance. I am going to start giving all of them the benefit of the doubt. 


  1. I love this song! It makes me happy every time I hear it. And I am really happy to see you writing more often. I love your insight!

  2. @Ayesha It's funny because Bruno Mars seems to be following me everywhere--literally everyday this past week I would get into my car to drive somewhere and this song will come on! I'm almost thinking buying the CD would be pointless!

  3. Bailey, I always enjoy your posts about fashion & culture, but these last two have been just stellar! Love that you're going off grid to chat about such compelling topics as femininity and relationships. Keep up the good work!

  4. Bailey, what's funny for me is I drive a lot, and I never get to hear this song. And I realized the song makes me feel validated sometimes in my relationships with people. Not with my fiancee, but with my sister. I thought I was the only one, but Bruno Mars feels this way too. Lol. Another stunning example of this co-dependence and study of relationships in "post-Modern America" is Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom." It's an excellent read, but it's big and takes some time because the problems are so real. I'm going to write my post about it as soon as I'm done.