She's So Unusual

"Your TRUE COLORS are beautiful like a Rainbow"




I can officially say that 2010 was the first year that I actually made New Year's Resolutions and feel as if I successfully accomplished them. This should be great, but I still feel like there is something missing about this whole "New Year's Resolutions" deal. After looking at my blog post from last year, I have realized a few things. Honestly, I thought making resolutions and following through with them would give me a sense of ownership over my actions in proving that I am able to do what it is I imagine is better for myself in the coming year, but in reality it may not be. Not even at all. This year, I have decided not to set "resolutions" per se, but rather set a more organized timeline of things I would like to do for the next twelve months. 

That means I have 8,760 hours (well less now considering it's nearly 2pm) and over 525,000 minutes to work on making this year better than the last. To begin my year-long timeline, I will of course begin with the basics: organization. I have noticed that I am a very excessive person and I feel as though all of my "excess" stuff is consuming my room, closet, apartment and life! I have been successful at actively avoiding my excessive-ness, and now it's time to face the problem and solve it. So, for the rest of the year, I am going to tackle organizing a different part of my life, my space, my finances, and my work each month. But take it a step further and actually make something of it, something that will help me stay organized for the future--whether that be a scrapbook of old photos or opening an Etsy shop. 

I have already vowed to continue to blog, but I want to be more active about connecting with and influencing others who are blogging as well. I am also promising to be nicer to myself; I really need to begin listen to my body when she tells me that she is tired, cranky or hungry. (It's time to take her to the gym more regularly too!) So here's to a new year: a 2011 that is organized, healthy and one that is going to be something to show for. 


  1. Organized, healthy, and something to show. Those sound like good goals to me. Happy New Year, Bailey!

  2. @Nathan--I'm hoping I can stick to it! Thanks for the encouragement Nate! Happy 2011!