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O Holy Night

It was a night of good company, good beer and good food. Last night, my roommate and I invited some friends over for a Holiday Get-Together at our place. After spending the morning putting up more Christmas decorations, lights and rearranging some furniture, we started cookin'. 

 Aside from having our defaults (Stone IPA, brie, chips & salsa) I made some bruchetta, but with a twist and Sarah's boyfriend brought over some German marzipan stollen, a European sweet bread with raisins and almond cream. Needless to say the stollen was gone the second we sliced it up!

Balsalmic Bruchetta

Trimming the Tree! 
 Nothing like good company to put you in the Holiday spirit! 

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  1. omg the balsamic bruchetta looks so GOOD! i use to think tree trimming meant everyone gathering around the tree and trimming it with a pair of scissors..haha.