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Happy Birthday Poprocks & Peacoats!

I honestly cannot believe it: it's official that my blog is exactly one year old. One year, wow

Over the past 12 months, my life has been in transition and it has definitely been interesting. I have changed a lot this year. What began as an outlet for me to gather my thoughts, ideas, and photos has rather manifested into a work of digital inspirations and influences that have been documented as they happen in my life. For me, learning and understanding is created and developed through experimenting. This blog was an experiment and through it's development, I have had the opportunity to learn more about myself and those around me by writing about them. My blog has helped me to connect with fellow fashion lovers, artists, creators, innovators, and social media gurus alike, all whom have helped to offer positive feedback and influence to the content I feature.

Cheers to another fabulous year of blogging about my two favorites: food & fashion, but also I am going to make it a point to include tid-bits of my life as a publicist and journalist. 

So, if you have been tuning in to my digital documentation, you'll be in for a treat as I continue to fill these pages with
the happenings of my everyday life. 

And remember, please enjoy responsibly.


  1. Congrats, Bailey! Here's to many more P&P birthdays!

  2. Thanks Anna! I'm really excited to continue blogging!

  3. Happy birthday P & P!! So glad I have been able to experience your love of food and fashion with you these past couple months :) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JUSTBAILS!

  4. @Cameron I love you girl, you gotta go public with yours :D Many more blog-able moments to come!