She's So Unusual

"Your TRUE COLORS are beautiful like a Rainbow"



A few of my favorite things right now...


Mush Magnets // Roscata
Crayon Bunnies // CrayonFawn 

Cat Cup // MEOW CITY 

At The Diner Mitt // Collisionware (currently on Etsy vacation)

Because I've been holiday shopping for my friends and family, I have been discovering that re-invented kitsch throwbacks are totally developing trends in crafts, fashion, art and design.  

What is kitsch? Kitsch is a German word, first used in the 1920's  to classify a material item that appeals to those with no taste and considered "tacky". But here's the thing, the discourses of creativity and art have been re-invented, and mostly in part to the internet. Virtual communities, advances in mobile internet, and social networking have helped to create a counter-culture of people who have rejected this corporate mainstream culture. Websites such as and have helped to create a new medium where creativity is shared, bought and sold. Hundreds of users have been able to share their designs and work with people from all over and have made money while doing it!  Tacky? I think not. 


  1. I love the cat cup and the "At the Diner Mitt"! Great stuff - you definitely have an eye for finding unique and fun items!

  2. @Anna- I met the woman who makes them at Unique LA, she was so cool!

    @Jen- Thank you so much!