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Hot Nails

Nails surprisingly say a lot about who you are.

I have especially noticed that whenever I am around my friends and family, their nails are one of the first few things I notice. Whether they are painted, chipped, filed or dirty--it's just something that I feel says a lot about your personality.

I usually stick to colors that represent the mood I am in, lately it's been nudes, light pastels and pinks. But my younger sister introduced me to a new way to cover your nails.

Nail Marbling How To

What you'll need:
1 small paper cup filled with water
3-4 different colored nail polishes
Vaseline or any type of petroleum jelly
Q-tips and nail polish remover
1 toothpick

To begin, cover your finger around your nail with a thin coat of vaseline. This is so clean-up will be much easier as you will be putting your fingers the patterned marbled nail polish. Choose three or four different nail polish colors to use to create the marble pattern on your fingers.

In the cup of water, drip a drop of nail polish and place each drop on top of the each other. Using the tooth pick, swirl the drops into any pattern you can create. When you're happy with what you see, using one finger at a time, dip your nail in the pattern and immediately take out of the water. Use q-tips to wipe away access polish that ends up on your finger. Continue with each nail until your complete and use clear top coat as the final touch.


For a step by step instructional video, I found this great one on Youtube but using tape instead of vaseline. Check it out HERE.

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