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Turning Tables

It's June. I am finding it harder and harder to believe how insanely fast time flies. Six months ago, I made a vow to continue to update and keep up with this blog, but have found that making promises to myself really only lead to disappointment. At times like these, I set up a date with my ipod. Lately, I have made a point to put the play in my playlists and asked my younger sister to compile a mix for me. It is so funny how even the slightest change in sound can completely turn the tables. May was a whirlwind of happenings, opportunities, people, places, stress and success. From the ups to the downs, reflecting back on the experiences I have gained from just in the past few months have helped to illuminate my priorities and strengths. 

They say that everyone dies, but not everyone lives and this is something I completely believe. More importantly and all the more challenging--learning and living while living to learn. While I have not realized, good music heavily influences my life. I'm turning up all the lights and making this my moment for life, so tune in for new musically inspired posts. On my radar right now: Britain's Adele. Although she just recently postponed her North American tour due to laryngitis, her vibrant voice has gained some serious international respect. At just 22, there is hope for talent among my generation. (I was beginning to worry!) 

Here are some tunes that I have had on repeat. Thanks for getting me through the week. 
A Slice of the Play-Pie:
1 Adele | Turning Tables 
2 Ellie Goulding | Lights
3 The Bravery | Ours
4 Nicki Minaj | Moment for Life
5 Rihanna | All of the Lights
6 GaGa | Bloody Mary


  1. Don't beat yourself up for not posting as often as you thought you would, darling! This should be fun, not a burden. I love reading all your posts, but it's about quality, not quantity. :-)

  2. @Anna, Thanks so much! I think it might be time for us to have an LA blog encounter!

  3. I can't stress it enough on how good that song is.

  4. @Raffi: I know, seriously such a good song! About time someone with a real voice made some real music :)