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You're In & You're Out

My take on what's hot & not this May.

:so in:
Hundreds of organizations and international groups have come together to support relief efforts after the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It is not too late to help support a cause or give to those in need. Donating has become easier and you can start today by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 contribution.

Since the debut of OPI Nail Shatter, this twist on nail design is cooler than you think. Good luck finding this Katy Perry inspired polish, this black attack nail trend is more than fine, fresh, fierce, but taking the high fashion look to the next level.

Classic and helping us all find our inner child. The 70’s have influenced our spring wardrobe and the tunes from Woodstock are on officially on our radar.  Now that Mumford and Sons have snagged a grammy, this new age folk music is gaining some serious respect.

So you’ve heard of microbreweries: meet the even smaller, newer way to experience beer. The ‘nano’ is the next best thing in the craft brewing world and San Diego is home to quite a few. Serving up hand-crafted 50 gallon batches, Hess Brewery in Miramar is your stop for some local nano-goodness.  We recommend the Intrepidus IPA to kick off this May the right way.

Not only can you deck out your hardware in candy colored covers, this new piece of technology has two cameras for Face Time, HD video recording, dual-core A5 chip, 10 hours of battery life and all of that minus the 33% of the original Ipad. Yay Apple.

Welcome to the generation of sharing, from Zip cars to community work spaces and from blogs to social networks like Yelp, people are relying on others more than ever before. For your next vacation, think about traveling smarter by checking out a travel blog or hitting a hostel. You never know where you’ll end up or who you just might meet.

The best meal deal on wheels is cruising around San Diego and using veggie oil fuel. If you do not have a twitter already, here is the reason to get one: the @GreenTruck_SD is a eco-friendly food truck dishing out organic, vegan friendly options.

:so out:
Okay, so we get that you are young, but frankly enough is enough of watching these teenage wannabes broadcast their baby-oops momma drama all over MTV. Since when has the “M” stood for Maternity?

Youtube might just have to start warning users to use at their own risk. Video blogging has become an internet sensation, but also stands as a double edge sword. One UCLA blonde learned the hard way after her rant on Asians in the library. In less than 1 week, her video racked up over a million views. Lesson learned: vlog responsibly. 

Fox News is not the hugest Obama Administration fan, but goofing on National TV is taking it a little too far. Whether it was the intern that misspelled the President's name or  a coy to cause yet another controversy: definitely NOT something that makes us proud to be an American. 

We get that Price William and Catherine Middleton had the wedding of the year, but some folks have gone a little too far in obsessing over this celeb couple. From t-shirts to nail decals and even a toilet seat, let’s congratulate these newlyweds by not going over the top.

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  1. So true! Great post, Bailey!

  2. Agreed! Up with Mumford and Sons and down with Teen Moms!! :P

  3. @Ayesha Thank you!!
    @SMM I am sooo over da teen moms. I am still clueless as to WHY they have a TV show?!