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May Day

I can definitely say I have had my fair share of authentic Mexican experiences. I have lived in Mexico, worked at a family-owned Mexican restaurant and can comprehend a fairly decent amount of Spanish. But honestly, the last Cinco de Mayo that I can truly remember was bombarded with having to work until midnight on a school day during junior year of high school; servin' up todos los borrachos at Don Cuco's Mexican Eatery

This year, I am setting things up a little differently. I am going to plan on checking out a Cinco de Mayo party that is said to be the best one yet! El Dorado, the craft cocktail lounge located on 1030 Broadway in downtown San Diego, transforms itself into one of the most authentic Drinko de Mayo parties around and I definitely looking forward to getting my fiesta fix. My friend Tabby of DiscoverSD gives the inside scoop at some of the party details:

This Thursday, May 5th, El Saul Q Contra Los Marcianos will be hosted by E.Limon of and special guest CHUCUCHU the Cumbia Masher.  Azucar, a cumbia band consisting of Luis (guitar) and Jorge Medina (percussion), Omar Ramos (bass), Pablo Stanley (keyboard and vocals), Georgina Trevino (backup vocals), Brian Cortez and Luis Moreno (both on drums/percussion), will be reuniting for the event playing their own original songs and some classics from past decades adding their flavor. Describing themselves as a mix of hip-cumbia, electronic, and quebradita the band plays to their own unique beat. 

Still don’t know what to expect?...when questioned: Saul Q  replied, “Expect a real Mexican party by Mexicans and one white guy, Turbo”. Don’t contemplate any further and RSVP for the party here for no cover before 10pm, $5 thereafter. 

Follow Tabby and her toxic tweets as DiscoverSD's event coordinator.  Also be sure to check out @DiscoverSD for the latest and greatest in America's Finest City.

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