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Super Natural

Proxart Magazine
Third Issue Release


While visiting Los Angeles last week, I was able to collaborate with the amazing individuals of Proxart, an organization based out of the Santa Clarita Valley.

On a mission to save the suburbs from the definitions and stereotypes that others have constructed about it being a cookie-cutterville, Proxart is a new outlet for creating a community of individuals sharing passion for art, culture and community. A way for artists and musicians to connect and share their talent with locals. The truth is, it is not where you live--but rather the impact you make where you go and the difference in the lives you make of people you meet.

Romo Studio
22508 6th St. Unit B

Spending the last four years of my life in two very different cities, my definition of home has been in transition. Although I grew up in the Santa Clarita Valley my entire life, I had always referred to it as my home. I always used to think that home was where my parents lived, then I went on to believe that 'home' was something more temporary and something I could have without mom & dad. I have now realized that I have multiple homes only because, to me, home is not necessarily a place, but rather a feeling.
Now I know that when I'm happy, I feel at home and I am very okay with that.

Santa Monica

Native American Indian Festival
William S. Hart Park
Newhall, Ca

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