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Summer Lovin'

Summer is here!

I am planning to embark on a serious journey Boldto be healthier--that means healthier food consumption, plenty of fresh air, and exercising regularly. I have also heard that writing your goals down increases their likelihood of being accomplished, so I am doing that now:

A few summer goals...
1) Drink more water. 8 glasses of water a day is supposed to be the average water intake for humans to maintain a healthy and hydrated lifestyle.
2) Make a conscious effort to eat less sugar and sweets. (This will be a great excuse for me to work on blogging some new recipes!) And NO more trips to get Julie's Moca Java Organic ice cream...not matter how delicious it is!
3) More fruits and veggies!
4) TONE: utilize the gym at my apartment complex at least once a week.
5) Sugar Free and Low Fat, everything...oh and no soda. (seriously, this time...sorry Coke...)

So HELLO Summer and HELLO to a healthier and happier me!

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