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Graduation from High School.
GRADUATION from College.

The two so similar, yet undeniably different at the same time. Both marking milestones of education, accomplishments, involvement and essentially life. In high school, its our journey from teeny-bopping wannabe to being an invested and society contributing adolescent. (Some contributing progressively and other's retroactively, but that is not what is important)

Whether it was a path to continue in the work world or the college world was a choice for some of us, but for other's it was decided for them by some mom and dad. For me, my "graduation from high school" experience happened a while ago, but I can still remember that feeling of one part of my life coming to an end, and another beginning to happen.

The summer before I started as a college freshman, I really was not sure what I wanted to be, but I definitely knew what I wanted to do: go to college. More than ever did I want to learn beyond the standardized public education and know more about language, politics, humanity, literature, sociology, and technology. I wanted to be able to adequately argue about the injustices I saw in contemporary society, but also learn about systems outside of the idealized United States of America nation, and explore concepts within the global world and as a globalist. My experiences freshman and sophomore year led me to understand myself and my life through the context of notions of socio-economic institutions dividing society. It was my realization that geographical locations are tied with enormous class divisions inherently influencing locative culture. I then spent the next two years in San Diego and was able to further explore the de-contextualized and theoretical shift in communication contemporary society is facing. I was also able to familiarize myself with the importance of tactical media using social network sites and how threatening and powerful our societal dependence upon them is transforming communication human interaction entirely. A senior seminar course required a senior project in which I participated in creating a platform in the virtual world in regards to the current immigration climate in our country @

As a college student, I have learned to question and analyze the societies and realities within contemporary society with more understanding and completeness more than ever. I would have to say that this is a bittersweet experience, for questions are followed with concerns and often fear, but I am learning to cope with the unknown. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to continue my education and have parents who have supported all of my decisions. I cannot thank them enough for their patience and guidance!


So, here is to an end of one chapter and beginning of a new!


  1. your family photo is way TOO cute bailey. i love it!

  2. Aw Bails congrats, miss you. Love, MoFo