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Killer Styling @ The Rose Bowl

This Sunday was a fun day spent at the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market. Killer Styling took on Los Angeles in an early morning trip to the monthly second Tuesday swap meet held at the Rose Bowl, selling our vintage goodies and kicking off the new Killer Gent's line. Tired and true by the end of the day, Nycole and I got a ton of positive feedback, sold quite a few pieces and many dresses found their rightful owner. (Including a few of my favorites!)  What started out as an overcast AM, warmed up to a killer 72 with plenty of so cal sunshine. Not only was the fashion outrageous, Los Angeleno shoppers were in it to win it fashion wise. Take a look at some of the fab finds!
 Some of our first customers, checkin' out the goods. 
 Work + Play
 FRINGE! Swoon. 
 Postin' up at our shop. Sporting the one of the Killer Gent's vintage ties. 
Hey  Mickey!  
 The Killer Madeline Number, totally bright with the yellow tights.
 Nycole hamming it up.  
Purses please!
Totally spooned.
 I had a ton of fun peeking at all of the vendors. Some funk, some junk, but definitely going back soon!


  1. I wish there were awesome thrift store or swap meets where I live! This looks so fun!

    love the blog!

  2. @Tawni, thanks so much! We will definitely be back in Los Angeles soon. In the mean time, stay tuned for our upcoming San Diego events on our Facebook: