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Heart & Skull

Have you ever felt so compelled to make a certain decision or choice just because of a gut reaction? Or had a feeling so overcoming, it was as if you felt it in your bones? Have you ever ended up in a circumstance that was determined not necessarily by you, but rather for you? Now, what if all these questions were answered by our dreams? If our dreams gave us the missing puzzle pieces to our lives and it was up to us to decode and put them in the right places, would you try?

This is my attempt to fixate the puzzle, because-frankly-I'm convinced that my dreams are trying to tell me something.  

Lately, I have been having a series of re-occurring dreams. In these dreams, no matter the subject or situation, the outcome remains the same. Assuming there is a reason to the insanity of my unconsciousness, I have looked into the elements of these dreams only to find more confusion and disappointment. Among these conclusions is an interesting (and colorful) spectrum of detailed analogies that seek to categorize specific events that occur in dreams to that of a fixed reality. While I am doing my best to interpret what these elements could possibly translate to, it is hard to believe that there is any credibility in what I'm actually reading. Although this is true for much of what you can find online, I'd still like to get an idea of what my mind is telling me. Because this time, I feel the effects of these dreams much differently. While this is first time I have blogged about a dream, this is also the first time I am seeking to find the explanation behind what my unconscious mind may be trying to tell me.  


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