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Manic Monday

Amy Winehouse joined the 27 Club yesterday. So hard to believe because she was too young to go. I read quite a few articles and tweets that bashed her lifestyle and shunned her as a criminal for her drug habits, but the truth is that she was only a victim. A woman with such tremendous talent was a victim to her own substance use and abuse. So in memorial, here my some of my favorite Euro Obsessions and then some. RIP MISS WINEHOUSE, you were one of my favorite Brits. 

1) Amy Winehouse | Love is a Losing Game 
2) Adele | Cold Shoulder
3) Lily Allen | The Fear + Everyone's At It
4) Corinne Bailey Rae | Till It Happens to You
5) Duffy | I'm Scared + Mercy
6) Bill Withers | Ain't No Sunshine
7) John Legend | Save Room
8) Norah Jones | Come Away With Me


  1. Did you know Norah Jones is the daughter of sitar legend Ravi Shankar? Musical talent runs in the family. Her sister Anoushka is also a sitar genius and performs with their dad.

  2. @Ricardo: That is such an awesome music fact! Thanks for the 411, I love Adele.